Questions NOT to ask during an interview

Right now we’re discussing how to answer interview questions in my class.   It’s always a challenging part of the course since talking about your past can be difficult if you have a criminal record. 

I’ve dealt before with the importance of knowing what you’re going to say and being honest. 

But what about the part of the interview where the employer turns the tables and asks if you have questions?   While I recommend having at least a couple to ask, there are also some areas where you should never go.  Below are a few of  these questions and the reasons to avoid them.  

 1.  How much does the job pay?  Save it for after an offer is made.  At this point you should be focused on the job, not the money. 

2. What are the benefits?    Again, post- offer is better.

3. How much vacation time will I get?    You haven’t even started the job and you’re asking about time off?

4. Can I work from home?      This is a privilege you earn after you’ve demonstrated what you can do.

5.  What kind of company is this?   Shows you haven’t done your homework.

6.  What do you like least about this employer?     Could demonstrate a negative attitude.

7. How much help will I get?     Sounds lazy.

8.  How did I do?      Puts employer on the spot.

9.  I don’t have any questions.      Sounds like you’re not interested enough in the job.

What should you ask?   Questions about what the training will be like, future expansion plans for the company, routes to advancement and the interviewer’s personal experience with the  company are all fair game.  Many candidates also ask if there is anything to indicate they might not be a good fit for the job.  The answer may give you an opportunity to refute any doubts the employer may have.


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