Bouncing back from life’s winters….

Who would have thought that this ….

Could become this…..

In fact, our rose bush was completely buried before the winter was over.  We’re talking a huge icy white mound the kids liked to climb.  The snow covering it — actually, holding it down — was the last snow to melt on our street.   When it did the bush was completely flattened.  

 Just two weeks ago, our roses still weren’t blooming like others in the neighborhood.  Whole sections of the bush  had died and their branches were threatening to strangle the living parts.  So my husband and I cut out the dead wood — a tedious and at times painful process with thorns ripping through our gloves, tearing at our skin.   We cut so much of it, we were afraid it might not survive.

Now our rose bush looks better than it did in any Spring we can remember.

That’s the amazing thing about nature.   Its capacity for rebirth.  We’ve all got it.  No matter how dark or cold or bleak our winters.

So don’t give up on your own potential for transformation.

Even if there’s work to be done.  It’s in you.



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2 responses to “Bouncing back from life’s winters….

  1. James E. Walker Jr.


  2. Glad you liked it, James.

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