How law-abiding are you?

Employers often claim they’re reluctant to hire ex-offenders because  they question the judgment of someone who’d do something illegal.

But what about people who’ve broken the law, but never been arrested? I know if I come clean, I have to admit that hammering down a street sign because it would look cool in my dorm room was vandalism pure and simple.  So did my two pals — both of them now lawyers — who were carrying Fox Den Drive when we were busted by campus security. (Yes, you know who you are…)

How about you?  Is your judgment and/or your record truly impeccable?   Take my quickie poll below, and we’ll see.



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11 responses to “How law-abiding are you?

  1. I break the law by speeding. I’ve been caught twice, paid a fine twice, and had my insurance company spank me in the ass twice. I’ve probably done it more than a million times, though. I’ve actually tried to force myself to follow the law. I seem to really have a lead foot, though.

    Once, years ago, after checking out from a store, I realized that a bottle of pain medicine was in my cart and had not been paid for. My baby was crying. I was exhausted. I had loaded most of the stuff into my car. I considered going back in and paying for it, but I didn’t. I didn’t get caught. But the stealing wasn’t exactly intentional, either.

  2. It’s interesting that no one so far has responded that he/she has never broken the law. I’m part of the 25% that need to think about it. Simply because I cannot remember specific instances, but chances are that I did break a law at some point in my life …

  3. If you’re counting traffic laws, I’m guilty and have spent my fair share of Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings in traffic school trying to avoid having tickets for speeding or turning left from a no left turn lane crank up my insurance premiums. Have to say, though, since moving to Oregon, which doesn’t have traffic school like California does, my days as a traffic outlaw have come to an end……


    • Oh, man, don’t even remind me of traffic school…
      Have to agree that after racking up plenty of points in CA, I’ve had a relatively clean record since. Although I did drive in China without an international license…which was not only illegal, but not too smart.

  4. When I was 11, I took a necklace from a department store. I didn’t get caught, but the two girls I’d been hanging around with did, when they went back for seconds. I stopped after the first time because I realized it was stupid. We were doing it for an older girl we wanted to impress with presents. Goodness, where do girls get such ideas?!

  5. Traffic tickets were the first thing that came to mind for me, but I didn’t get caught on a few vandalism stunts in college either: dropping used light bulbs from the top of the dorm onto a campus cop car comes to mind. And I might have thrown an egg or six on a pedestrian in the middle of the night. They were leftovers from the batch I used to destroy the paint job on my ex-BF’s MG car.

  6. Autumn Lowry

    Interesting to me that no one has yet to comment on those wild nights that most people have spent at the bars, followed by a drive home after several drinks. Many are guilty of this, whether they get caught or not, even those sitting behind a desk questioning the judgment of an ex-offender.

  7. Good point, Autumn. It’s funny sometimes how even things that are technically against the law don’t seem criminal if we feel a lot of people do them and we don’t get caught. I’m sure there were times in my life when I wouldn’t have wanted to be pulled over.

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