Now that’s what employers like to see….

A follow up to my earlier post about employment searches slowing down  during the holidays:  I stand corrected.

Last Thursday, while trudging on barely-plowed streets to my local Best Buy, I ran into Lorena, a woman in her early 30s.  As holiday shoppers sped past, she was braving the elements (and some very reckless driving) to walk to a job interview.   It had taken her over an hour by bus just to get here from her home in Maryland.  This was only a few days after a huge snowstorm had passed through the DC area, and to say we were still digging out is putting it lightly.  Even at this point, it seems like it may be Spring before we see some local road surfaces again.

Anyway…. the office where Lorena was heading was still several blocks and numerous snowdrifts away.  At the last minute, some thoughtful car salesmen at a local dealership also pointed out the address she wanted was  across a sixth-lane highway.  Unfazed, Lorena insisted she was  determined not to miss this chance.  “When the employer called, I was so excited I just said yes, I’d come as soon as she could see me,” she said.  “That was three hours ago and I still can’t believe I made it.”

I wished her good luck as she hurried on her way.  I really hope she gets the job.

I’d hire her on determination alone.


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