What are you doing over the holidays?

As hiring activity slows down for the holidays, it’s okay to give yourself a break.  Enjoying time with family and friends can actually help you recharge.  It’s also a good opportunity to tinker with your job-search strategy so that you can start out fresh in the New Year.  Here are some suggestions: 

1. Fine-tune your pitch.   Employers are deluged with resumes. Now more than ever you need to make yours not only stand out — but target the specific job you’re going after.  Two great articles here and here show what works and what doesn’t as far as resumes are concerned.  It’s also a good time to go over what you’re saying in interviews.  What’s your sales pitch?  Why should someone hire you and why?  

2.  Remind people that you are looking for work.  Just because the holidays have slowed things down doesn’t mean you’re not still looking.  Remember, the majority of jobs come through someone you know, so as you’re out and about celebrating keep spreading the word.

3. Update your list of potential employers.  Have you closed the loop on pending hiring decisions or the status of job openings?   If you haven’t added any new employers to the list lately perhaps now’s the time.  Is there anyone who told you to call back in a few months that you haven’t followed up on?  If so, do it now.

4. Take advantage of public resources.  More people out shopping means shorter waits at places like one-stop centers or employment agencies.  Use the quiet time between Christmas and New Years to get a head start on your search going forward.

5. Get in touch when things are slow.   That week between Christmas and New Years can often be a good time to connect with employers or hard-to-reach contacts as things are typically slow and many use that time to catch up.


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