Statute of depravations

This blog is about helping people rebuild their lives after they’ve done their time.  So apologies as I digress into a mini-rant about someone who’s yet to do his — and probably won’t if his friends have their way.  I’m talking about all the hand wringing over Roman Polanski , which btw is making me nuts!

I mean what’s the controversy again?  Here’s a guy who plead guilty to sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl (note not  a 17-year-old who passed for 20) and then went on the lam for 31 years.  And now we’re supposed to be up in arms that the Swiss have him and he might be extradited back to the U.S. for an “old” crime?  Or as others would have you believe, a non-crime. Please!  The idea that fellow directors like Scorsese and Woody I-Married-My-Adopted-Daughter Allen — forget the French —  are supporting this guy would be laughable if statuatory rape weren’t taken so seriously when someone not deemed a “great  auteur” commits it.

I don’t know Mr. Polanski personally, but I think we can all agree that even good people make mistakes.  Talent doesn’t stop us from doing bad things, unfortunately.  Nor should it excuse responsibility for them.  At least that’s what other lawbreakers are told when they’re forced to pay for their crimes.  Seems like it’s high time for a certain director to man up, doesn’t it?


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